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Our default Axial Taping standard is EIA-296-F.  Our standard tandard width is 53mm +2/-1mm.  All other EIA-296-F widths are available. 

In order to tape and reel an Axial part the length of the devices must be at least 32mm from tip to tip to meet the minimum EIA-296-F width.  The STANDARD width is  53mm, so if you have very short devices, be sure the Equipment being used can support the smaller size.

Our Axial Bandoleering Tape is strongest we can fine and has aggressive adhesive, we can process even the heaviest parts without the tape breaking.  We do not use or sell NITTO Axial Tape.  We only use and sell the InterTape BD-1  Try it once and you’ll understand why.

Lead straightening is available.

We have many lead forms available. Just give us a dimensional drawing of the unformed and the formed specifications and we'll confirm if we have the correct die sets, or quote for a new die set to accommodate your needs.

Please visit our Quality Page for more information on how we handle your devices and provide you with the service and quality you need.

Please email us today for a quote.