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These Terms & Conditions take precedence & are the governing conditions for all orders accepted. Issuance of a PO is demonstration of customer acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. 
Terms and Conditions - All Orders ( there are additional T&C's for service work at bottom)
1) All quotes are valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise on the quote.
2) All orders are shipped FOB ORIGIN.  No exception.
3) Your accepted PO is the defining conditions of your order. PO's must reference our part number & our unit of measurement.  References to external documents or websites on your purchasing documents are not acceptable forms of communication in the fulfillment of your order.  We are service providers, not librarians or researchers.
4) Any Revision or modification to your PO must be confirmed by us via email to become part of your accepted PO.  The Revision and confirmation are considered to be part of the original PO. The date of the final revision is considered the date accepted.
5) PO's requiring non-stocking material that must be made to order or ordered from another vendor are NON-CANCELlABLE once the PO has been accepted.
6) It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to state specific requirements such as, but not limited to,  earliest accpetable dock date, material dimensions, compostion, package quantities & related standards, for example, that may affect the usability of the material ordered on the purchasing document.
7) Jurisdiction and Governing Law for all business is exclusively the State of California, Riverside County.
8) Indemnification and Hold Harmless Clauses are not acceptable without express written approval by a company officier.
9) Record Retention - we retain paper records for up to 5 years unless approved in writing by company officer.  Digital records are maintained for 20 years.
10) Governing Authorities: 1. ACT/ARGOSY Quality Management System, 2. Email specifically amending Customer Purchase Order issued by same Company, 3. Latest Amended or Revised PO, 4. Customer Purchase Order, 5. Customer SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS on file with ACT/ARGOSY, 6. QA Manager over ride, 7. ACT default Procedures
11) Unless an exception is confirmed in writing, the following default Process Standard shall apply to all work performed and/or materials provided without exception: PROCESS OR MATERIAL PROVIDED: Axial Tape and Reel - ANSI/EIA296 F, Baking & Dry Packing - IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, Carrier Tape Manufacturing - ANSI/EIA481E, Coplanarity Testing (seating plane) - JESD22-B108B, Handling Electronic Devices - ANSI/EIA541, Kraft Blue Line Paper - MIL-DTL-17667E, Radial Tape and Reel - ANSI/EIA468, Surface Mount Orientation - ANSI/EIA481E, Surface Mount Tape and Reel
Additional Terms and Conditions - Service Work
1) All quotes are based on information provided & assume parts will be received in original factory (industry standard) packaging (or equivalent) for conversion to requested format.
2) All work will be performed to applicable EIA standards in effect the date the order is received unless other specific instructions are noted on the accompanying purchase order.
3) Parts received in sealed Moisture Barrier Bags that have an MSL rating on them will be handled as moisture sensitive devices even if it is not on your PO.  Charge for Dry Packing is $10.00 per bag. Your PO must state "do not dry pack" to avoid this charge.
4) THERE ARE 4 SERVICE LEVELS: STANDARD SERVICE LEVEL will ship 3 to 5 business days after receipt & confirmation of your PO (unless a later date is specified on you PO). EXPEDITED SERVICE LEVEL will ship 1 to 2 business days after receipt & confirmation of you PO.EXPEDITED PLUS SERVICE LEVEL will ship the next business day if parts are received by 8:30AM with management approval. SAME DAY SERVICE is shipped the day it is received if parts are received by 8:30AM & preapproved prior to receipt to assure capacity.  We will do our best to accommodate shorter lead times, but unless approved in writing, short due dates are not confirmed.   Unless clearly specified on your PO, we will always ship on the earliest date possible.
5) While we do have a counterfeit prevention program in place, we process the devices supplied by you and offer no warranty.